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Widgetkit 2 has a new approach to widget management compared to Widgetkit 1. Content and widgets have been decoupled completely, which resulted in a new back end. That is why there is no possible upgrade path from Widgetkit 1.x to Widgetkit 2.

Unfortunately, it is also NOT possible to run both Widgetkit 1.x and 2 at the same time. You have to decide which version you want to use. If you are satisfied with Widgetkit 1.x, there is no need to move to the new version. If you start with a new site, we recommend using Widgetkit 2.

If you still want or need to migrate your content from Widgetkit 1.x to 2, a possible solution is to get a full dump of your current website on your local system. There you can remove Widgetkit 1, install the new version and recreate your widgets one by one. When you are done, you can update the online version with your prepared offline version. That way, you limit downtime of your live site to a minimum.


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